5 Seconds of Summer self-titled album: Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks.
[names of songs & favorite verses]
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Amnesia - Hallam FM Summer Live

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5 Seconds of Summer press photos for their upcoming album.PREORDER/GET THE ALBUM HERE*Bonus track version

Ashton Irwin + Hands


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5 Seconds of Summer // US Album (Target Deluxe Version) 

download the full album here // x or x

this album includes the 4 exclusive tracks for Target:

13. Tomorrow Never Dies // x or x or x

14. Independence Day // x or x or x

15. Close As Strangers //x or x or x

16. Out of My Limit // x or x or x

Album is out the 22nd of July! Make sure to make the purchase here:

iTunes // x 

Target // x

Listen to the 8Tracks playlist here // x

Booty Call



{Ashton smut where you guys are best friends but are friends with benefits, but that ends when he gets a girlfriend and then one night he calls you for late night action? sorry if its confuzzling}

Sorry for the ending lmao enjoy?

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